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Somogy – Kanásztánc – Erre gyere, rózsám (tutorial)

Learn how to sing the Hungarian folk song “Erre gyere, rózsám”. Listen to folk singer Júlia Kubinyi pre-singing the lines and than repeat after her. You can find the direct translation of the song below.

Come this way, my rose, it isn’t muddy

There’s no lock on my door

My door is open, you can come in

My bed is made, you can lie in it.


You shall not leave from here, my sweetheart, until

Three candles have burnt out

The fourth is already half way burnt

Merriment is not enough for us


I am a girl from Szentbalázs

I pick roses from Szentbalázs

Roses and violets from Szentbalázs

I am the one who tore them out

You can find the song in one piece here.