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Szék – Magyar – Hajtsd ki, rózsám (tutorial)

Learn how to sing the Hungarian folk song “Hajtsd ki, rózsám”. Listen to folk singer Júlia Kubinyi pre-singing the lines and than repeat after her. You can find the direct translation of the song below.

Drive out the oxen, my sweetheart

Graze the poor beasts in the field

Don’t drive them onto the velvety grass

Because they will take your strainer away

If they take your strainer away

What will you cover me with

I have a flashy coat

I will cover you, my darling sweetheart


The cuckoo bird says

That I won’t live for long

Sorrow will take me to my grave

I will die for you my sweetheart

If they take me out into the courtyard

Fall down on my coffin

Flutter a couple of tears on me

Maybe I deserve them from you

You can find the song in one piece here.