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Songs of Szatmár

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Going Back to the Source – Online Film Archives of Hungarian Dances

an article by Józsa Tamás We probably all know the famous quote from Béla Bartók: “Only from a clear source”. In the age of the...

FolkTalk 05 – Judy Kropf

"I find Hungarian dancing and music, especially dancing to Transylvanian melodies, absolutely magical.  Something transcendent happens when you hear the music and connect with...

Zoltán Kallós Remains My Hero – Meet Gábor Balázsi, a Renowned Biologist and Folk Dancer from New York

One of the leading characters of the Hungarian dance house scene in New York is Gábor Balázsi, the Henry Laufer Professor of Physical &...

FolkTalk 04 – Federico Baltar Yanes

Everyone asks me why I feel this affection for Hungarian culture. A lot of them ask me if I want to be Hungarian or...