News Danubius Band at the San Antonio Spring Festival

Danubius Band at the San Antonio Spring Festival


The San Antonio Spring Festival in 2021 was held online from March 12 through March 14. The Festival’s main purpose was to present international folk dance, with an emphasis on Balkan and other regions.

During this event, Hungarian-American group Danubius Band also participated in the cultural program, with a performance that included dances and music from ‘Szatmár’, ‘Mezőség’, a medley of Hungarian polkas, and ‘Mahala’, a couple’s Roma dance.

Danubius Band is a San Francisco-based Eastern European band, specializing in traditional and Gypsy (Roma) music from Hungary, and additionally countries like Romania, Serbia, Russia, and Macedonia. They use both Western and traditional Hungarian and Romanian instruments, giving the band a unique sound.

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