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Majestic Bonchida


„I Dance Hungary” will call your attention on freely accessible dancing archives on the Internet with top quality folk dance. The Bonchida recording from 1968 by Martin György, Kallós Zoltán, Sztanó Pál, Emil Petruţiu and Adrian Vicol is a classic well-known and beautiful archive. The music and the dance of Bonchida is among the most popular mostly due to its elegance, airiness, dynamism.

It is the record of Ökrös Ensemble Bonchida Times Three that contributed to the popularity of the music and dances of Bonchida. László Kelemen did a fantastic job as the musical director of this CD. Practically it was this album that showed to a broader audience, that folk music is not only valuable but also beautiful.

Do not forget to go back to roots and listen and watch as many archive recordings as possible. Do not only just look at the steps, look at the surrounding, the nature, the faces of the people.

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