News Meet the International Board of the “I Dance Hungary”

Meet the International Board of the “I Dance Hungary”


We are very happy to have Ildikó, Edi, and Ken with his wife Jenny on board who, all dedicating their whole life to Hungarian culture, will be the linking persons between Hungary and North America & Australia, South America and Asia respectively. It is an honor that Kovács Norbert “Cimbi” is with us, too, who guarantees that the dancing materials appearing in this program will be brought by masters who are amongst the best in the Carpathian Basin.

It was the Friends of Hungary Foundation who agreed to support the idea of the initiator and leader of the program Misi Rosonczy-Kovács to provide the global community of the Dance House Movement with an English speaking platform, represented by director Miklós Verseghi-Nagy. God be with us as we launch the 2nd phase of the program; creating a lively global community. Thank you for any feedbacks, let’s dance Hungary!

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