News The XV. South American Folkdance Meeting July 2020

The XV. South American Folkdance Meeting July 2020


This year is a special one for the dancers, too… One who dances, moves their body, puts their heart into the movement, also communicates something. I think the most beautiful is when you share some feeling while dancing together. Your souls connect with the same breathtaking, same rhythm …. But if all of this happens in a big community, it is even better!

The scale of the damages that the current situation strike in South American countries vary a lot, but it is very hard everywhere. Yet, it did not stop us from gathering. We would have had the 15th in Sao Paolo, Brazil, where around 200 dancers were about to gather together. Unfortunately the global pandemic made the personal meeting impossible. We had to resist the hugs, and dancing together. Nontheless, the South American world community figured how we could be together for a couple of hours – at least in the virtual space.

The leader of dance groups of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Urugay put together a moving program in which photos, videos, messages presented the history of our movement. We crowned the evening with a Grand Finalé, we would like to share with the “I Dance Hungary” community.


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