News 'Brisbane-Farkaslaka' - A Large-scale Theatrical Tour

‘Brisbane-Farkaslaka’ – A Large-scale Theatrical Tour


The Hungarian diaspora of Australia is on the move! The Hungarian Theatrical Company of Brisbane has set out on a large-scale tour, aimed to bring together Hungarians of the mainland and the diaspora.

The name ‘Brisbane-Farkaslaka’ itself is very symbolical. It shows that although there may be thousands of kilometers between the Australian city and the small ‘Székely’ village in Transylvania, the Hungarian culture and identity still has the power to connect Hungarians living all around the world.

Outside of Hungary, the tour focuses on numerous places inside the Carpathian basin, where there is still a large Hungarian population, in countries such as Slovakia, Romania, and Serbia.

Those interested about their performance will have the chance to watch a documentary about the group and their tour on November 14 on the ‘Duna World’ TV channel. It will air at 11:55 CET, and there will be a second airing on November 15, at 4:00 AM, aimed to reach Hungarians of the diaspora.

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